runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series - yellow shoe medalSince I’ve caught the running bug, I’ve seen more and more virtual races. At first I didn’t pay it any attention but the medal bling caught my eye for Father’s Day Superdad 5K. The race is $27 and you will receive 2 medals and bibs. The extra medal is to give to the favorite dad in your life, which I thought was neat. Plus, at least $5 of every entry will be donated to Soles 4 Souls which is even better.

So what is a virtual race and how does it work? Glad you asked! 🙂 A virtual race is one in which you decide where and how you are going to get in your miles. You can walk, run, indoors/outdoors, with a group or solo, so you decide the place and time. It’s a cool way to keep people motivated to run!

For most, if not all races, a portion of the entry fee will be donated to a charity. You’ll receive a bib, bling and sometimes a swag bag in the mail prior to the date of the race. After the race you will then post your results. Every race is different so make sure you read what is included and how you post your results.

Although I haven’t participated in a virtual race, there is one that has caught my eye and I’m still debating if I am going to register, it’s the runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series. The series is made up of 3 races over a period of 7 weeks. Each race has a different medal included with it.

runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series - red shortsThe first race from May 15-June 1, 2016 is the Yellow Shoes race and you’ll receive a beautiful medal of Mickey’s yellow shoe. The second race from June 5-June 18, 2016 and it’s the Red Pants race and the medal is inspired by Mickey’s iconic red pants. The final leg of the series is from June 19-June 30, 2016 and it’s the White Glove 5K. This medal spotlights Mickey Mouse’s legendary white gloves.

runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series - white glove

runDisney has the option of signing up for each race individually($39) or you can sign up for the series($142) . If you commit to the series you’ll receive an additional series medal plus a Mickey tumbler. They also have different bibs available to download for each race.

 One of the complaints that I’ve read from this race is that Disney is not donating a portion of the entry fee to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society but they will be making a donation.

The other complaint is the cost…it is quite a penny to participate in this race considering they aren’t spending the money on the resources you would normally need for a road race but the medals sure are pretty! One of the funniest comments I’ve read about Disney’s first virtual race is the one below…

facebook comment

It’s true though, they are pretty much charging for some neat medals and “us” crazes are willing to purchase them. Being that it’s the first one, I want to be a part of it and who doesn’t love all things Disney?? Oh and another thing that I have to agree with others is that they aren’t mailing the medals out until 30 days after the series if you choose that option. If you pay for each individual race you’ll receive your medal 30 days after each race. That stinks! I’d prefer to have my medal, run and then post of pic with my medal the same day. I’m debating if I sign up for it, if I’ll wait to run the 3 races after I receive my medals in the mail.

The last thing is that Disney is NOT asking for runners to show proof, which makes the comment above even more relevant…here buy some medals! We know there will be people who will just purchase the medals and not run but I’m sure this will motivate more people run. Nevertheless, they aren’t forcing us to participate in the series so no need to complain. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

XO Selena


5K Races Columbia SCI’ve been MIA for a while because I have been suffering from the running bug..lol. Ok, that’s not the real reason why have have been MIA but I thought it was a great excuse. Honestly I haven’t made the time to blog, create, or share recipes. A 9 year old soccer player has taken over my life. I wouldn’t trade it for the world but I just have to find a balance. I’ll write more about finding balance in a separate post.

Running has always been something that I did every now and then. My previous employer had a running club where you paid a $25 fee for the year and they paid your entry fee for just about any local race. I ran more then but that was back in ’09. On a whim, I signed up for the Women’s Heart & Sole 5 Miler in 2015(top right pic) and decided to let Amiyah run with me. She had never ran a race before and I drag her out of bed early for a 5 mile run…yikes! She was a trooper, dnt only was it 5 miles but it was raining that morning and continued throughout the entire race but it was very well worth it!

We ran/walked at her pace because since she hadn’t done any training for the race I didn’t want to put too much pressure on her. We crossed the finish line together at 1:00:03 and grabbed our medal, rose and chocolate covered strawberries at the finish line. This is one of the best races that we run, mainly because its for bad a%% women ONLY, so no men allowed! 🙂

Heart and sole 5 miler

Fast forward 1 year and 7 additional races under our belt(including a 5K at Castaway Cay- Disney’s private island in the Bahamas) and we are back at the Women’s Heart & Sole for 2016. I managed to persuade a group of bad a&& women to run with us and it was lots of fun! We had beautiful weather and we managed to shave a few minutes off of our time from the previous year. Amiyah crossed at 47:48 & I crossed at 48:17. Normally she’ll wait for me but because I beat her in the previous race, she made sure she beat me in this one. She definitely gets her competitive genes from me!

In one of the races(Run For the Troops 5K) I placed 3rd in my age group…woohoo! Amiyah and I were headed to the car but still listening to the age group announcements and when I heard my name we took off running towards the stage and laughed the entire way in disbelief! We were both shocked. She would have won in her age group but I didn’t “officially” sign her up. In most of the races she has placed first in her age group. Including in the below pic, the Savannah Women’s 5K. Her age category was 19 and under so not bad if I do say so myself

Savannah Womens Half 5kWhat I enjoy most about running and I think what keeps me signing up for races is that fact that we can do them together and she enjoys it! We aren’t able to do as many because of her full soccer schedule but when we have a free weekend we try to take advantage of that. I have to admit that I’m now obsessed with getting a finishers medal at the finish line. I may not win my age group but I at least want a little bling to take home. 🙂 #willrunforbling

Race Medal Bling

One observation is that I do need to do better with training for these races. I’ll admit I normally don’t train much but I have been doing some cross training on my Peloton bike. My next race is June 4th, Sweat It Out 2016 and I’ll be doing this one solo!

Are you a runner? Do you have any tips to share?

XO Selena

Bikini Competition Journey

First Time Bikini Competitor

Hey!! Its been way too long since I’ve created a blog post but that will change. My goal is to start posting on a regular basis and really grow this blog.  But on another note this post is to share a little about my journey to compete in my first fitness competition. Competing was not something I saw someone do one day and just decide I wanted to do it. Its been something that I’ve been wanting to do for over 4 years and I’m finally glad I buckled down and was disciplined enough to follow through with it.

It was a tough 9 months to end up on stage but it was well worth it. There were plenty of mornings where I had to get up at 5:30AM to train and then be right back at the gym at 11:45AM for a lunch workout and then right back at the gym at 5:30PM. See the reason I was in the gym so much is because I had let myself go. I let life, being a mom and stress take over and I used that as an excuse and I didn’t make the best choices when it came to food. I seem to make time to exercise but even that wasn’t on a consistent basis. So on December 18, 2013 when I decided to make the change this is where I started…

Bikini Competitor Before Pictures

Over the next few weeks I’ll share with you the things that I learned from competing and at the end I’ll share my decision on whether or not I’ll compete again.

XO Selena

2013 Fitness Goal

0001YkFor the past 3 years I’ve been wanting to compete. It’s one of those things that I don’t want to look back and wish I had done it. So my goal for 2013 is to be on stage. I’m shooting for the first show in my area, The Palmetto Cup May 4th. If I’m not ready by then, I’ll push to a later date. Regardless, I will be on stage this year.

It will be a tough road ahead but I’m ready to put in the work and FINALLY make it happen this year! What’s your fitness goal for 2013?

August Muscle & Fitness Sample Box GIVEAWAY!

I was sent a sample of the August Muscle & Fitness Sample Box to try and giveaway. If you are not familiar with the box craze is all about, I’ll share briefly what they are. A particular company from a niche such as cosmetics, nutrition, hair care, health and fitness, etc. has a monthly subscription program where you can pay a low monthly fee to receive sample and full size products auto shipped to you.

Its a great way to try lots of new products without having to purchase the full size to try it. You pay as low as $10-20 a month to receive these products shipped to you. FREE shipping is usually included. Once you’ve sampled a product and like it, then you can purchase the full size knowing that you’ll enjoy it!

Team Muscle & Fitness includes a note in their August sample box about the products included. This month’s assortment will help you maintain peak performance while enhancing strength, energy, endurance and recovery for maximum results. In the box you’ll find a pre-workout formula, amino acids, protein, nitric oxide pump, energy booster, and high potency multivitamin.

Sample products include:

MHP X-FIT Trainer

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech

Image Sports SAAs

Gaspari Nutrition Anavite

Betancourt Bullnox

Xenadrine XT

Muscle & Fitness Member Benefits:

  • Sample box with 5-7 supplement samples delivered to your house every month
  • FREE SHIPPING on any order at the Muscle & Fitness Store
  • $15 off any $75+ order at the Muscle & Fitness Store when you join
  • 3 FREE ISSUES of Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness, or Muscle & Fitness Hers
  • Post product reviews and read what other M&Fers are saying
  • Exclusive offers for the Muscle & Fitness Store

I’ll be giving away a August sample box. To enter head over to Facebook.com/DitchingDiets make sure you “LIKE” my page and then find the August Muscle & Fitness Sample Box photo and click “like” and leave a comment telling us what workout you did for the day. Also, make sure you “like” Muscle & Fitness Facebook page. Giveaway closes on Friday!

XO Selena
“Let Go And Look Good”

I’m Going NUTS!

Check out these Emerald Almonds I found at Publix this weekend. I’ve tried several of their nuts and like them all! When I saw NEW on this one I wondered what was so special about them…I turned it over to look at the ingredient list. To my surprise the only ingredient is…ALMONDS! I compared it to some of the others that were on display, like the smoked and saw LOTS of other stuff in those. I’m pretty excited about these NEW simply natural almonds.

Maybe I’m not really going nuts, but if you’ve ever seen Insanity Asylum then you might say I was. I started Asylum on Monday and it is CRAZY!!! I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercial for Insanity but Asylum is on a whole different level!

The first day is Speed & Agility and I felt like I was going to puke!! :/
Yes it is that intense, well worth it but…INTENSE! It’s only 30 days so that should tell you how insane it truly is. I am doing volume 1 and volume 2 will be coming out in October. I decided to give Les Mills Pump a break for a month. I felt that I needed the intense cardio workouts in the morning to give me some energy! I have been sluggish and hoping that by adding cardio in the morning that will change.

My body has been sore all week and I love it! Believe me, I’ve wanted to quit but I just won’t! After the 30 days I will start back with Les Mills Pump. I’ll do that through Christmas and then starting in January I’m going to start Body Beast. That is the plan for now.

Have you tried these almonds and do you plan your workouts in advance?

XO Selena
“Let Go And Look Good”

Great Wolf Lodge Weekend

The family and I went to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC this past week. The last time we went Amiyah was 2 going on 3 years old. She doesn’t remember the trip and now that she’s 5 going on 6 I thought it was the perfect age.

We arrived Friday around 1PM and checked in and changed and then heated to the slides. The good thing about her being 5 is that she was able to get on all the slides except 1. Which was the Tornado and I am GLAD she couldn’t because that scared me a little! 🙂

On the other hand my niece was a trooper. She got on every slide and had a BLAST! There were a few times she went on her own. Super proud of her and her fearlessness.

For dinner we went to my favorite restaurant T.G.I. Friday’s. I had there Strawberry Fields Salad w/Grilled Chicken. It had a balsamic dressing and it was really good. I took off the parmesan cheese…it was a little too much! I love the berry salads in the summer.

Of course my trip to T.G.I.Friday’s wouldn’t be complete without the YUMMY, 1000 calorie Brownie Obsession. The reason I know it’s about 1000 calories because it’s in my Eat This, Not That Book. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the Not That options…lol. 😉

Of course I had to wake up at 6AM and get in a 45 minute workout. I probably didn’t burn 1000 calories but I didn’t use me being on vacation as an excuse to sleep in and not workout.

After my workout, I showered and went to breakfast. I had a veggie egg white omelet and lots of fruit. I wanted to make sure I kept it super clean after my splurge the night before. Those french toast sticks sure did look yummy on the buffet but the key is to not over do it. Have a treat every now and then but then get back on track.

Overall we had a BLAST!! After breakfast Saturday, we changed and started the fun all over again! We did make a brief stop to Concord Mills Outlet Mall before we headed home.

QOD: What is your favorite thing to eat when you splurge?

Color Me Rad – Columbia, SC

I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED about running a 5K race in October!

From the pic you can see it’s not just any 5K race. It’s called Color Me Rad. Have you heard of it before? If not hear is a description about the race taken from ColorMeRad.com:

Start out as clean as a newborn babe, and throughout the run, you’ll coat your chaffing thighs with blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until your face, shirt, and body come out silkscreened like a tie-dyed hippy on the other side. Yup…that is how you turn regular running into The Art of Running tm!

Each section of the run adds a new explosion of color to your clean, painter’s palate until you cross the finish line into a final blitzkrieg of color.

Now doesn’t that sound like LOTS of FUN?? Ok, if I haven’t convinced you yet then take a look at this video below, showing what happens at the even…

Don’t you ♥ it?? Aren’t you FILLED with excitement like I am??

Check out there site for an event in your area. If you are in Columbia, SC the race is October 20th at Colonial Life Arena. If you don’t have a team we’d ♥ to have you join our team. When you go to register put Team Name – Ditching Diets and Team Captain’s Last Name – Tention and you will be rolling with us.

Hope over to FACEBOOK and post on the wall that you have signed up to run with us. I will be taking LOTS of pictures…most likely with a disposable camera. Don’t want to ruin a good camera! 🙂

So what are you waiting for…go sign up with us!! Don’t wait too long, I read somewhere that an event sold out in a week…YIKES! You snooze you lose. Just like I put off on signing up for the Groupon and the deals were all gone. 🙁

If you’re like me and will ab-solutely NOT do the mud run then this is definitely a great alternative for us. So will we be seeing you on October 20?

Team Name: Ditching Diets
Team Captain’s Last Name: Tention

XO Selena
“Let Go And Look Good”

Coach Summit 2012 – Las Vegas

Back to life, back to reality…

Do you know what song that is from?

Yes, I made it back from Vegas safely and FULL of knowledge and tools. If you are reading this and you are a part of a network marketing company and you haven’t attended a conference event, I HIGHLY recommend that you do. The since of culture and family that you get from going is unbelievable.

A few highlights were working about with Shaun T, listening to Tony Horton, Traci Morrow and Seth Godin speak.  When I have my mind set on something it usually gets done. So I woke up EARLY, 4:50AM to be at a 6AM workout with Shaun T, just so I could be up close. It was definitely well worth missing a few extra zzzzzz. Check out two clips from the workout:

Next up…SHIRTLESS! 🙂

Tony Horton’s message at the end of our SUPER workout, where 5000 coaches worked out with the celebrity trainers was another highlight that I captured. You can check that out below as well. He spoke at the closing general session and it was a great talk! I mean let’s face it, he talks A LOT in P90X and I wasn’t his biggest fan(I’m an Insaniac) but after this weekend I’ve grown to REALLY like him. He’s funny, charismatic and very inspirational. One thing that he said in his speech that stood out is, when you’re overweight you’re overwhelmed…


Seth Godin was the guest keynote speaker for the closing general session. I’ve never heard him speak before but surprisingly he is very funny! A great quote that he said was “Failure is not an option then neither is success.” I’m sure you’ve heard that saying “Failure is not an option.” That saying puts fear is people causing them to not even try because they don’t want to fail. I’ll admit I’m guilty of not doing things because I don’t want to fail. Tony Horton said get out of your comfort zone, you are not going to die, you’ll just get better.

This was the first TBB Coach Summit I attended and it was well worth it! It will be at the MGM in Las Vegas again next year and if you’d like to be a part of the FUN contact me and let’s chat!

I would like to leave you with something Seth Godin said, you only have 2 choices you can either stand out or fit in. My question to you is, today which one will you choose?

xo Selena

Take The Challenge!

Q. What is a Beachbody Challenge Group?
A. A Beachbody Challenge Group is a group of people who have committed to getting healthy by participating in a Beachbody workout program. Through fitness, nutrition, and peer support and accountability, a Beachbody Challenge Group plays a key role in helping customers achieve their goals. Groups typically include 5 challengers to keep participation and accountability at a maximum.

Q. How will my customers benefit from being in a Challenge Group?
A. Customers will benefit from being part of a small, exclusive group of people, all working together to help each other achieve their health and fitness goals. They’ll receive motivation and friendship in their group, creating long-lasting relationships, trust, and comfort in sharing both struggles and successes. What’s more, they’ll also be joining The Beachbody Challenge contest— where they’ll be eligible to win cash and prizes along their journey.

Q. What does a Beachbody Challenge Pack include?
A. Beachbody Challenge Packs are the complete package, offering total support for achieving health and fitness goals. The formula? Fitness + nutrition + support = success!

Each customer pack includes a choice of one of Beachbody’s top-selling fitness programs, as well as your choice of Shakeology and a 30-day trial to the Team Beachbody Club.
Each Coach pack includes the same as a customer pack, PLUS a Game Plan Tools Kit and Business Essentials Starter Program—all for the same price!

Les Mills Pump Challenge Group Begins June 25…ONLY 5 Spots!!

Contact Me To Get Started!


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