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I started Ditching Diets because I wanted

to share health, nutrition, workouts,

mindset and other fitness

related information that I found to be


I will provide and share the things that I

like and think will help you!

I will include some not so healthy recipes because

lets face it we all WILL indulge every now

and then.

Plus the blog is called DITCHING DIETS!

More on me…

I live in South Carolina and

I have a very loving and energetic 5 year old daughter.

Who is a Fitness Princess!

I’ve always had a passion for fitness

ever since I was in grade school…

look at me I sound like I’m old…grade school 🙂

I am a personal trainer and entrepreneur.

Who, BTW likes brownies, tech gadgets, red wine (specifically Chocolate Shop) fitness gadgets, reading & dancing with Amiyah! 😉

I am not a nutritionist. My blog is an expression of my own opinions and views. Please contact your healthcare provider and/or a registered dietician prior to starting any training program or nutrition plan.